KHES "Allama Rashad CHC"

KHES "Allama Rashad Comprehensive Health Center" Clinic in Kandahar is providing medical examination by doctors, various clinical tests by specialized laboratory technicians, birth assistance and prenatal and postnatal care by midwives, vaccination, public health and nutrition educations, supporting health posts in catchment area, mental health and nutrition consultations, free supply of medicines and others.

Question-1: How many KHES staff are participating in the activities in Afghanistan?

Answer: A total of 39 Afghan staff are participating in activities of KHES in Afghanistan. Country director, clinic director who is a doctor, clinic manager, 2 male doctors (including 1 night shift doctor), 1 female doctor, 3 midwives, 1 male nurse, 2 clinical technologists, 1 pharmacist, 1 radiological technologist, 2 vaccination staff, 1 mental health advisors, 1 nutrition advisor, 1 community health supervisor who supporting health posts in the area, and 20 administrative staff are active.

Additionally, there are 2 headquarters staff members in Japan supporting activities in Afghanistan.

Question -2: How many people are benefiting?

Answer: KHES Kandahar Clinic, which is a comprehensive health center operating based on Afghan’s Basic package of health service, treats over 38,000 patients each year.

Since July 2002 when the clinic opened and started medical activities in Kandahar city, 734,657 patients have been treated by end of year 2022.

 We are providing free of charge diagnosis by doctors, sputum and X-ray tests which essential for tuberculosis diagnosis, various clinical tests, childbirth assistance and cares, directly observed treatment by nurse, vaccinations, public health education, nutritional education, free medicines to whom need them. 

We also support and supervise 28 community health workers at the 14 health posts in the catchment area.

Question -3: What kind of activities are providing in in the field of maternal and child health?

Answer: Since August 2015, the KHES clinic has been working on activities to protect the health of mothers and children. A female doctor and three midwives are providing the birth assistance for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. During 2022, took place at the clinic 648 births assistance, 4,385 prenatal and postnatal care sessions, and 3,381tetanus vaccinations for mothers.

The clinic also has conducted 22,933 vaccinations for infants such as BCG, polio, measles and others.

Question -4: What kind of emergency humanitarian assistance does undertake by the KHES?

Answer: The KHES has lunched “Karez Supplementary Malnutrition Food” Program to combat malnutrition as emergency humanitarian aid in January 2023. 

With this program in total 15 kgs of food such as barley, rice, legumes, potatoes and cooking oil are providing free of charge to mothers and infants who diagnosed by our clinic doctors as moderate or severe malnutrition.